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Astronomy is the most romantic science among all others. Ancient Greeks understood it quite well, and they considered astronomy not only as science, but also as art, with its Muse - Urania.

Here we represent "another part of our life" - art works of our scientists. We begin with the sketches and drawings, made by prof. V.M.Lipunov. As science gives a good opportunity to travel (which is especially important here, in Russia), we present "travel sketches", made in different parts of the world. In the second part of our exhibition drawings of V.M.Lipunov are presented. Most of them were made 15-20 years ago. For many people it will be a meeting with a well known places, persons and situations, for another - it will be a small window in their computer to the very strange world.
Scientific arts of V.M.Lipunov.
We are pleased to acknowledge Laboratory of New Fotometric Methods for help in scanning this images.


National Park, Corsika
Gulf in Window, Corsika
Symmetry, near Cargese, Corsika
New Ierusalim, near Moscow
Rue Decamps, Paris
Siena, Paris

Frijoles Canion, New Mexico
Concerto in Bolognia
Plazza Maggiore, Bolognia
Piazza Cavuab, Bolognia
Calle di Morti, Venezia
Uffici, Firenzia
Near Rail Way Station, Firenzia
France Cordova family home, near Los Alamos

Alexander Park, Pushkin
Alexander Palace, Pushkin
Temple of Friendship, Pavlovsk
Konigs-Winter, Germany
Forum, Roma
Viale Domus, Roma
Tibre, Roma
Colosseo, Roma
Lipari Island
Vulcano Island
Vulcano, Vulcano Island
Vulcano Workshop
Eolian Hotel, Vulcano

Jim Beall Tree, Washington

Plazza della Scala, Milano
Stacione Centrale, Venezia

Bridge, Leiden
Galia in Window, Hogewoerd-144, Leiden
Chanel, Leiden

Firenze, Hotel Classic (a)
Firenze, Hotel Classic (b)
Giokonda Landscape from observatory
To Galileo House, Landscape from observatory, Arcetri
Galileo home, Arcetri
Galileo tree, Arcetri
Siena (a)
Siena (b)
Tree, Firenze

"Bridge", Pushkin, Alexander Park
Komarovo, Finland Gulf
S.Peterburg, Pushkin
Julia Tree, Pushkin
S.Peterburg, Pushkin
S.Peterburg, Pushkin
S.Peterburg, Pavlovsk
Tyumen, St.Peter and Pavel church
Tyumen, St.Peter and Pavel church
Tyumen, St.Peter and Pavel church
Tyumen, St.Peter and Pavel church


Portrait of Evgeniy Trunkovskiy (Playing guitar)
Portrait of Valeriy Sidorenkov
Self-portrait (a)
Self-portrait (b)
Self-portrait (c)
Student naturmorte

Student's Morning

Following Rembrandt
Home, Kulikovo Pole, Kiev

Drawing, Main Building, Moscow State University
Cat Peak, Crimea

Provincial love, Illustration to Novel "Master of Smoke Rings"
Castle square, Illustration to Novel "Master of Smoke Rings"

Artistic concept of Science

Binary Star
Binary System of X-ray Pulsar
Disk Accretion onto Magnetized Neutron Star
Kelvin-Helmholts Instability of Accretion Disk
Interchange Instability in the Accretion Disk around Neutron Stars
Mahnetosphere of Neutron Stars ( Sphericaly accretion)
Raley-Taylor Instability on the Magnetosphere of Neutron Stars
Quantum tunnell effect
Black Hole Way
Black Hole Web
Evolution Tree
Discovery of X-ray stars
How to draw ellipse
Algol type light curve
Numerical results
Kick after shpericaly-symmetrical supernovae explosion
Reflection effect
Negative capacity of Stars
Algol Paradox
Determination of orbital motion by Doppler effect
"Relations" between radio and X-ray pulsars
Scenario Machine
Twisted accretion disk
X-ray pulsar in stellar wind
X-ray stages of binary evolution and Non X-ray stages of binary evolution
Living apart together

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