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General Astronomy links

American Astronomical Society
AstroWeb: Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet
International Astronomical Union
Conferences and Meetings
International Astronomy Meetings


SISSA (Astrophysics)
NASA Astrophysics Data System: Abstract Service
IPL Astronomy


A&A Abstracts
The Astrophysical Journal
ApJ Letters
ApJ Supplement Series
The Astronomical Journal
PASP Abstracts
Papers Submitted to North American Astronomical Publications
Astronomy & Astrophysics: Preprints & Abstracts
Sky & Telescope: The Essential Magazine of Astronomy

Astronomical Catalogues and Data Bases

SAI Astronomical Databases
Local archive of IAU Circulars.(Available for SAI domain only)
The APS Project and Catalog
CDS, Strasbourg
Michigan Catalogue of Two Dimensional Spectral Types for the HD

Universities, Institutes, Observatories

Denmark, Theoretical Astrophysics Center
Germany, list of all Astronomical Institutes
Germany, Max-Planck-Institut fur Astrophysics
Italy, list of almost all Astronomical Institutes
Poland, Institute of Astronomy N. Copernicus University
Poland, Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory
Russia, Sternberg Astronomical Institute
Russia, Space Research Institute
Russia, Institute of Astronomy, Russian Academy of Sciences
Spain, Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias
USA, Astronomy and Space Science Group at GMU
USA, NMSU Department of Astronomy
USA, Steward Observatory
European Southern Observatory

Stellar evolution

Scenario Machine
HR Diagram Description
Properties of Stars
PMS Stellar Evolutionary Tracks
GALEV Gettingen
Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis
Theoretical isochrones

Pictures, Sattelites etc

Local archive of Astronomical Images
Today at NASA
STScI/HST Public Information
APO Images
Project Galileo (JPL)
Virtual Observatory on the Net
Space Movie Archive

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