All-Moscow Seminar of Astrophysicists

annotation of talk
Berezhnoi A.A., Bervalds E., Khavroshkin O.B., Ozolins G., Shevchenko V.V., Tsyplakov V.V. (SAI; VIRAC; UIEP)
Radio emission of the moon and meteoroid impacts

The direct impact of the American spacescraft into the Moon occurred on July 31, 1999. Such impact events may be accompanied by radio emission of seismic origin.radiation. We detected significant increasing of lunar radio emission flux at 13 and 21 cm within 9-12 hours of the Lunar Prospector impact. Similar observations at the 32 m Ventspils radio telescope were conducted at 25 mm during the Leonid 2000 meteor shower. Remarcable quasiperiodic oscillations (3-10 K) were detected. Detection of lunar radio emission of seismic origin may lead to creation of new informational channel for investigation of seismic activity of the Moon and Mercury.