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All-Moscow Seminar of Astrophysicists

The nearest seminar will be held:

at the conferents-hall
of the Sternberg Astronomical Institute,
at 1400 on Friday, Aprile 9, 2010
(147-th seminar)


1. News 10 min
2. P.A. Boldin (MEPHI), S.B. Popov (SAI) Isolated accreting neutron stars: new predictions 60 min

The secretary of the seminar - M.K.AbubekerovAccess free (code 4687)

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General Information on the Seminar

Lipunov V.M. (SAI) - chairman
Beskin V.S. (LPI) - co-chairman
Blinnikov S.I. (ITEP) - co-chairman
Mitrofanov I.G. (IKI) - co-chairman
Postnov K.A. (SAI) - co-chairman
Kurt V.G. (ASC LPI) - co-chairman
Kaminker A.D. (Ioffe PTI) - co-chairman
M.E.Prokhorov (SAI) - co-chairman
The secretary of the seminar M.K.Abubekerov

The aim

Moscow has been a unique astronomical center with an unprecedental number of actively working astrophysicists. In recent years, a strong need has appeared in exchanging ideas and information between diverse astronomical centers, such as Sternberg Astronomical Institute (SAI MSU), Lebedev Physical Institute (LPI theoretical dept.), Institute of Experimental and Theoretical Physics (ITEP), Astro Space Center of the LPI, Space Research Institute (IKI), Institute of Physical Problems, Nuclear Research Institute.

Who is welcome?

Everybody who is interested in, including undegraduate students.

The ideology

As clear as possible

Where and When?

The seminars are to be held semi-monthly on Fridays at 1400.
Why SAI? Free access, students + more than 100 astronomers.

Encouraged are:

Where the agenda sugestions should be forwarded to?

To one of the organizing committee members




Sternberg Astronomical Institute,
13, Universitetskij pr.
119992, Moscow, Russia

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