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To conclude, we expect the GW events due to compact binary coalescences to be registered already by the initial laser GW-interferometers of LIGO/VIRGO type at a rate substantially higher than has previously been thought. We also think that BH will thus be detected simultaneously with GW. Otherwise, we will have very stringent constraints on BH formation parameters, which is, of course, much less interesting.

Figure: The observed tex2html_wrap_inline1068 - tex2html_wrap_inline1070 distribution for the Einstein IPC soft X-ray flashes (from Gotthelf et al. [26]; the broken line) and theoretical tex2html_wrap_inline1068 - tex2html_wrap_inline1070 curves (with the same parameters as in Fig. gif) for four different values of the mean binary NS merging rate in a spiral tex2html_wrap_inline952 M tex2html_wrap_inline874 galaxy.

Lipunov V.M.
Fri Nov 28 17:12:56 MSK 1997