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Case A: tex2html_wrap_inline758

In this case, we can expect that after the merging a black hole results from a direct collapse during the time tex2html_wrap_inline760 and that the most energy is emitted in the gravitational wave burst. This scenario is discussed more frequently in the literature, and GRB phenomenon can be related with the relativistic particle ejection in the form of a Fireball (Rees & Meszaros, 1992) or a beam of protons (Shaviv & Dar, 1996). In addition, a certain fraction of radiated energy can be related with the pulsar mechanism (Lipunov & Panchenko 1996; Lipunova 1997). No gravitationally bound object can be formed in this case outside the horizon. We can present these stages by the following way:


GWB -- gravitational waves burst,

tex2html_wrap_inline766 -- neutrino burst.

Lipunov V.M.
Fri Nov 28 17:12:56 MSK 1997