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Here I shall try to speak about the most important problem of the modern natural science, the problem which is undoubtedly, of more importance than the discovery of Blacks Holes, creation of Grand Unification Theory or Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, this problem seems to be not only more profound and complicated but also much more urgent (see also Lipunov tex2html_wrap_inline42 ).

So, I want to say that in modern natural science there is an experimental fact not understood and paradoxical, being in crying contradiction with every modern orthodox picture of the world., this is the absence of Supercivilizations, or ``Silence of the Universe''. Naturally, this fact has been discovered and realized previously. With the utmost acuteness it was realized in a post-mortal paper by I.S. Shklovskii tex2html_wrap_inline44 which, actually, appeared to be "the voice crying in a desert" (and seems to be still unknown in the West at all).

Lipunov V.M.
Sun May 3 16:35:20 MSD 1998