States awards

1943 State awards on research of burning and detonation

1949 1 degree State award on special research (Soviet Atomic Project)

1951 1 degree State award on special research

1953 1 degree State award on special research

1957 award of Lenin on particular research

1945 orden of Labouvr Red Banner

1949 rank of Hero of Socialistic Labour, orden of Lenin

1953 Hero of Socialistic Labour, 2-nd award

1957 Hero of Socialistic Labour, 3-rd award

1962 orden of Lenin

1964 orden of Labour Red Banner

1974 orden of Lenin

1962 orden of October Revolution

Scientific titles

Was foreign member of:

-- Royal Society, London
-- German Academy of Naturalexplorers "Leopoldina" (DDR)
-- American academy of sciences and arts
-- USA National academy of Sciences
-- Hungarian Academy of Sciences
-- Honouris causa member of several physical societies and universities

Honour Scientific Medal

1972 N.Mason (explosions and shock waves)

1977 I.V.Kurchatov (nuclear physics)

1983 Catarina Brus (astronomy)

1984 B.Luis (explosions and shock waves)

1985 medal of Robertson (cosmology)

1985 medal of P.Dirac International Center of Theoretical Physics