4 International Conference
"Cosmology. Relativistic Astrophysics. CosmoParticle Physics"
in the Honor of 80th Birthday of Isaak M. Khalatnikov
(Moscow, October 17-24, 1999)

Ministry of Science and Technology of Russian Federation,
Russian Foundation for Basic Research,
International Association for the promotion of cooperation
with scientists from
the New Independent States of the former Soviet Union,
Center for CosmoParticle Physics "Cosmion",
Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics.

organized by
Center for CosmoParticle Physics "Cosmion",
Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics.
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Monday October 18, 1999

10.00-10.30.  	Registration

10.30-10.50. 	Opening of COSMION - 99 

	Chair - M.Yu.Khlopov

10.50-11.25.    A.Yu.Kamenshchik, I.M.Khalatnikov, A.V.Toporensky	
	"Dynamics of Closed Cosmological Model with a Scalar Field"	
11.25-12.00.	A.A. Starobinsky
"A new life of the Lifshitz-Khalatnikov quasi-isotropic solution"

	Coffee break

	Chair - A.A.Starobinsky

12.20-12.55. 	M.Yu.Khlopov
"Cosmoparticle physics - physical basis for the modern cosmology"
12.55-13.30. 	T.Damour 
	"Cosmology and String Theory"
13.30-14.00. 	J.Levin
		"Belinski-Khalatnikov-Lifschitz singularity"


Chair - T.Damour

15.00-15.30. 	I.M.Khalatnikov 
	"Some properties of three color system"		
15.30-16.00. 	I.D.Novikov
		"Internal structure of black holes"
16.00-16.30. 	V.P.Frolov
"Black Hole Entropy and Sakharov Induced Gravity"
16.30-17.00. 	G.E.Volovik
		"Links between gravity and dynamics of quantum liquids"

	Coffee break

17.30-19.00.	 Workshop   Chair - A.A.Starobinsky
		"Early Universe and Quantum Gravity"

Alexei Toporensky 
"The dependence of chaotic regime in FRW cosmology on the scalar fiels

S.O.Alexeev, A.V.Toporensky, V.O.Ustiansky 
" Nonsingular cosmological models in string gravity 
with second order curvative corrections".

Giampiero Esposito
"Towards a new formulation of quantum gravity".

Boris Spokoiny
"Deflationary Universe Scenario"

V.M. Zhuravlev, D.A. Kornilov 
Inhomogenious cosmological models
with perfect fluids and scalar field and effect of latent mass.

Sergei V. Sushkov
"Vacuum polarization <phi^2> in static spherically symmetric spacetimes"

T. P. Shestakova 
"The status of the Lambda term in Quantum Geometrodynamics
in extended phase space"

Tuesday October 19, 1999

		Chair - V.P.Frolov

10.00-10.40. V.F.Mukhanov
10.40-11.20. 	A.O.Barvinsky, A.Yu.Kamenshchik
"Effective Equation of Motion in One-loop Quantum Cosmology "	
11.20-12.00. 	A.Zhuk 
"On the cosmological constant problem in
multidimensional cosmology and other observable effects"

	Coffee break

		Chair - V.F.Mukhanov

12.30-13.00. 	A.Dobosz, I.Dymnikova, M.Fil'chenkov, A.Gromov
"Nonsingular baby universe 
inside a black hole and variable cosmological term"
13.00.-13.30.	V.Berezin
"Quantum black hole: what is that?"
13.30.-14.00. 	M.L.Fil'chenkov  
"Collapse, Birth of the Universe, Creation of a New Universe in the

		Chair - A.O.Barvinsky

15.00-15.30 	F.Occhionero 
"Bimodal Distribution of Primordial Bubbles"(to be confirmed)	
15.30-16.00. 	V.M.Zhuravlev, S.V.Chervon 
"The cosmological models with exit to Friedman epoch" 
16.00-16.30. 	S.Chatterjee 
"Inhomogeneous models in higher dimensional space-time"	
16.30-17.00.	K.A.Bronnikov
"On the stability of black p-branes"

Relativistic Astrophysics Meeting

Wednesday October 20, 1999

		Chair - Yu.Gnedin

10.00-10.40. 	A.Starobinsky 
"Cosmology with clustered and unclustered dark matter"
10.40-11.20. 	Yu.Parijsky
"Sakharov Oscillations: RATAN-600 Observations"
11.20-12.00. 	M.Yu.Khlopov  
"Cosmological Consequence of the Particle Theory: Dark Matter, Antimatter 
and Mirror Matter in the Universe"

	Coffee break

		Chair - Yu.N.Parijsky

12.30-13.10. 	D.Varshalovich, A.Ivanchik, A.Potekhin   
"Current state of the problem of variability of fundamental constants"
13.10-13.35.	B.Novosyadlyj, S. Apunevych, R. Durrer, S. Gottloeber, V.N.
"Determination of cosmological parameters from a wide set
of observational data on large scale structure of the Universe"
13.35-14.00. 	V.K.Dubrovich
""Negative" Intensity Objects and High Redshifts"


		Chair - D.A.Varshalovich

15.00-15.40. 	Yu.Gnedin
"Axion astronomy"
15.40-16.10. R.L.Sorochenko, A.P.Tsivilev
"Measuring of  Primordial  Helium abundance by 
Radio Recombination Lines (RRL)"
16.10-16.35.    H.Ziaeepour
"Cosmic Trace of WIMPZILLA"
16.35-17.00. 	S.G.Rubin 
"PBHs from Phase Transitions"

	Coffee break

17.30-19.00. 	Workshop    Chair - M.Yu.Khlopov
"Physical Grounds for Inflation, Evolution of the Universe, 
Baryosynthesis, Dark Matter and New Particles

Hierarchical Quantization of Fundamental Cosmic Structure Scales (20 min.)

D.Yu. Golubkov, Yu.A.Golubkov
Massive particle evaporation by PBHs

PBHs as the accelerator for "anything what exist"

E.V. Derishev, V.V. Kocharovsky, Vl.V. Kocharovsky 
Do primordial black holes induce an observable collapse of stars?

A.A. Belyanin and E.V. Derishev
Concenration of primordial black holes in dark matter haloes around massive
and prospects for detection of their gamma-radiation

A.A.Gvozdev and I.S.Ognev 
Neutrino spin-up of collapsing star envelope with strong magnetic field 

"Radioactive witnesses of the last events of nucleosynthesis in the 
neighbourhood of the nascent solar system" 

Thursday October 21, 1999

		Chair - V.M.Lipunov

10.00- 10.40. 	D.A.Varshalovich, A.I.Ryabinkov, A.D.Kaminker
"Global Large Scale Structure in Space-Time distribution
of QSO absorption systems"
10.40-11.20. 	L.Titarchuk 
"Black hole signature and black hole parameters determination" 
11.20-12.00. 	V.M. Chechetkin
"Physical mechanisms of Supernova explosions"

	Coffee break

		Chair - V.M.Chechetkin

12.30-13.00. 	S.B. Popov, V.M. Lipunov
"X-ray pulsars and their magnetic fields"
13.00-13.30.    Yu.A.Shibanov
"Atmospheres and Thermal Radiation of Neutron Stars"
13.30-14.00. 	A.I.Tsygan
"Emission of particles and photons in the pulsar polar cap"


15.00-17.00.    Workshop Chair - D.A.Varshalovich		
"High Energy Astrophysics: Accretion Theory, 
Gamma Ray Bursts, X Ray Sources, Relativistic and Compact Objects"

"Search for non-triggered GRBs"

Yu.N.Gnedin, S.O.Kiikov
"The nature of gamma bursts related with the phenomenon of sound

"Accretion disk in Orion maser source"

"Multipulses optical outburst of reccurent transient pulse A 0535+26"

Organizational Meeting of Relativistic astrophysics section of RAS
Astronomical Counsil

	Coffee break

17.30-19.00. 	Workshop Chair - V.M.Chechetkin
"Numerical Experiments in Relativistic Astrophysics"

Kulyanova N.L.
The structure of burning front in degenerated matter.

Bisikalo D.V.,A.A. Boyarchuk, O.A.Kuznetsov and V.M. Chechetkin
Mass transfer in semidetached binaries: 3D gasdynamical models.

Ustugov S.D.
Numerical modeling of large-scale hydrodynamics instability in
protoneutron star.

Koldoba A.A. and Ustugova G.V.
Magnitohydrodynamics in astrophysical objects.

Moiseenko S.G.     
"Magnitorotational Super-Nova"

 Dorodnicin A.V.     
"Application of Galerkin Method to the problem of Stellar Stability and
Gravitational Collapse"

 Toropina O.D.       
"Spherical Bondi Accretion onto a  Magnetic Dipole"

Shorokhov O.V.     
" Assimptotical Distribution Function of Electron System in External
Magnetic Field at T-> Infinity
 (Time tending to Infinity)"

Friday October 22, 1999

		Chair - B.Carter

10.00-10.40. 	M.Yu.Khlopov 
"AMS experiment for Cosmoparticle physics"
10.40-11.25. 	G.Lamanna
"Recent AMS results from the STS91 flight"
11.25-12.00.    J.Ulbricht
		"The status of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer AMS-II "
	Coffee break

		Chair - J.Ulbricht

12.30-13.10. 	M.I.Panasyuk
"Cosmic ray experiments for Cosmoparticle physics"
13.10-13.40. 	M.Yu.Khlopov, S.G.Rubin, A.S.Sakharov
"Cosmological models with antimatter domain formation"
13.40-14.00. 	M.Gibilisco
" The cosmic ray propagation problem in AMS experiment
for cosmoparticle physics "


15.00-17.00.    Workshop Chair - M.Yu.Khlopov		
"Astroparticle Studies of Dark Decaying and Annihilating Matter
in the Universe"

	Coffee break

17.30-19.00. 	Workshop Chair - K.A.Bronnikov
"New Physics in Extensions of Classical Gravity"

M.Yu. Konstantinov.
"Geometry of a class of bimetric gravitational theories."

V.R. Gavrilov.
"Spherically symmetrical and cosmological solutions for p-brane models,
associated with Lie algebras."

L.V.Grunskaya, V.V.Doroshzkov, V.V.Isakevich 
"The analysis of the electrical component spectrum of the electromagnetic
Earth field in the range 
of the GV-radiation of the binary stars systems"

"On Some Cosmological Models with Fields of Forms"

"Eternal black holes in exactly solvable models of 2d gravity"

"Thermodynamics of nonextreme and extreme black holes and
acceleration horizons"

Saturday October 23, 1999

		Chair - A.A.Starobinsky

10.00-10.30.	A.F.Zakharov 
"Gravitational lensing: Theory and observations"
10.30-11.10.	B.Carter
		"Developments in Relativistic Superfluidity and Superconductivity Theory"

11.10-11.40. 	S.Kopeikin
"Lorentz covariant theory of precise Doppler measurements in astronomy and
relativistic navigation"
11.40-12.00. 	Yu.P.Ilyasov
"An upper limit for deep radio surveys sensitivity from the sky background"

	Coffee break

12.30-13.45. 	Workshop - A.F.Zakharov
"Gravitational lensing as the probe for cosmoparticle physics"
13.45-14.00.   	M.Yu.Khlopov
"Concluding Remarks"

A.V.Gurevich, K.P.Zybin, V.A.Sirota
"Some features of microlensing by non-compact objects"

"Gravitational lens system "Einstein cross" as a test for new method of
image restoration"

T.A.Kalinina, M.V.Sazhin, V.Zharov
"An influence of microlensing effect on parallax and position measurements
of extragalactic 

"Some degenerate properties of GL theory"

Workshop concluding remarks

Sunday October 24, 1999

		Sakharov Memorial Date

12.00-14.00.	Visit to Sakharov Museum

Meeting in Sakharov Museum