The quality is deliberately very poor, and there is a good reason for that: I don't really want to get into trouble with the Bank of Canada...

I doubt anybody would be able to do anything bad with these very poor renditions :-)

I only show the interesting side of the banknotes, i.e. the sides with BIRDS!

$2 (American Robin)
$5 (Belted Kingfisher)
$10 (Osprey)
$20 (Common Loon)
$50 (Snowy Owl)
$100 (Canada Goose)

The funny thing with the other side of the banknotes (with their boring faces) is that there always is the name of the person depicted on the banknote (e.g. Laurier, MacDonald, King, Borden).

Well, not always: on the $2 and $20 banknotes, where a woman is depicted, there is NO name.
Anyone could help me find who this woman is? :-)