Slovak Currency - Slovak Crown (Sk, SKK)

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    10h (hellers), 20h, 50h coins.
    10h coin shows wooden belfry from Eastern Slovakia, 20 h coin shows Krivan peak - symbol of Slovakia, 50 h coin shows Devin castle.

    1 Sk, 2 Sk, 5 Sk, 10 Sk coins.
    1 Sk coin shows a sculpture of Madonna from Master Paul's altar in Levoca (1507-1518), 2 Sk coin shows The Venus of Moravany, sculpture made from mamooth bone, over 20 000 years old. 5 Sk coin has a motive of Biatec - celtic coin found in Bratislava. 10 Sk shows a cross from the era of Great Moravia.

    Reverse side of coins.

    20 Sk note - picture of prince Pribina, one of the personalities of Great Moravia.

    50 Sk note - Constantin (Cyril) and Methodius, authors of the first alphabet of Great Moravia.

    100 Sk note - detail of sculpture from Master Paul's altar in Levoca.

    200 Sk note - Anton Bernolak (note valid from Oct 1995).

    500 Sk note - Ludovit Stur, Slovak leader from 19th century.

    1000 Sk note - Andrej Hlinka, priest and Slovak pre-war leader.

    5000 Sk note (issued May 22, 1995) - Milan Rastislav Stefanik, one of the founders of Czechoslovakia.