ALL-Moscow Seminar of Astrophysicicsts

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"Black Holes - 2000"


Moscow, SAI, 03 March, 2000

Colloquium is supproted by the Federal programm "Integration" (project K0096 "Support of the all-Moscow seminar of astrophysicists")

Welcome! Main topics of the colloquium:
  • Black Holes formation
  • Black Holes in close binaries
  • Accretion onto Black Holes
  • Black Holes in AGN
  • Detection of Black Holes:
    radiopulsars and grav. waves
  • Primordial Black Holes
  • Isolated Black Holes
  • Black Hole coalescence
  • Gamma-ray bursts

    The colloquium will be concentrated on the new lewel of theoretical and experimental understanding of the BH nature and related phenomenae.

    10-15-minutes original presentations and short 5-minute presentations for the discussion are welcomed.

    It is highly recommended to submitt an abstract of the talk.

    In the case of numerouse proposals talks will be selected by the Organizers.


    Send your proposals, questions and comments to the Organizers

    On the authors request electronic versions of the articles, related to the proposed talks can be published on the page of the colloquium.

    Abstracts and titles of the proposed talks soon will be available at that page.

    Date of the colloquium 03 March 2000 . We plan, that the final agenda will be announced on the ASA seminar in February. Send your proposal before 18 February 2000. Proposals for discussion can be submitted any moment before 03 March.

    Financial support for travel inside Russia is possible. Send your applications to the Organizers.

    Welcome! List of proposed talks

    List of articles and abstracts

    Final agenda

    Proposals for discussion


    Speakers: Rozental' I.L., Bychkov A.V., Cherepashchuk A.M., Slysh V.I., Zaslavskii O.B., Panferov A.A., Zakharov A.F., Voloshina I.B., Filchenkov M.L., Lipunova G.V., Shakura N.I., ...

    Organizers: V.M. Lipunov (chair)


    Mikhail E. Prohorov (

    Sergei B. Popov (

    TelePhone Phone: 939-50-06
    ( Department of Relativistic astrophysics, SAI)

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