"Lime and limpid green, a second scene

A fight between the blue you once knew

Floating down, the sound resounds

Around the icy waters underground

Jupiter and Saturn, Oberon, Miranda and Titania

Neptune, Titan, Stars can frighten"

Astronomy September 1989 - January 1995

The faith of the Group ...

Birthday list
  • Coming birthdays:
  • 15 February Anait

    Next meeting: ???

    We began to study together in the Moscow State University in 1989. A long time ago. Now we are in very-very different places, doing very-very different things, but ...

    In September 1989 we gave an oath to Urania to work hard in the field of Astronomy. Some of us are still doing this.

    Our "CHEEF" was Vladimir Mikhailovich Lipunov.

    "Where will we be, when the summer is gone?" It was when the summer was not gone yet - summers of 1990 and 1992 when we were at the Crimean observatory and SAO. Unforgettable time.

    September 1994 - the "swang song"

    In spring 1998, we finished our postgrad studing, ".. summer's almost gone"

    "Present-day Astronomical Staff"
  • Yana Tikhomirova. Researcher at ASC. PhD March 2000. E-mail: jana#anubis.asc.rssi.ru
  • Olga Toropina (Pikalova). PhD October 2003. Researcher at IKI. E-mail: toropina#mx.iki.rssi.ru
  • Lena Sorokina. PhD October 2004. Researcher at SAI. E-mail: sorokina#sai.msu.su
  • Andrew Timokhin. PhD Dec 1998; Researcher at SAI, postdoc in US. E-mail: atim#sai.msu.ru
  • Alexei Gorshkov. Researcher at SAI. E-mail: gorshkov#sai.msu.ru
  • Andrew Tatarnikov. Researcher at SAI. E-mail: andrew#sai.msu.ru
  • Andrey Kravtsov. Phd Oct 1999; Assistant professor at Chicago. E-mail: andrey#oddjob.uchicago.edu
  • Sergei Popov. Researcher at SAI. PhD Feb 1998; E-mail: polar#sai.msu.ru
  • Alexandra Kochetkova. E-mail: sunny#sai.msu.ru Researcher at SAI. PhD Dec 1999
  • Alexander Daniltsev. Kiev University Observatory. E-mail: alexander#observ.univ.kiev.ua aldanil#aoku.freenet.kiev.ua
    "Non-astronomical staff"
  • Natasha Shchegoleva (Shapovalova). E-mail: Natalia.Schegoleva#ru.nestle.com
  • Darja Maltseva samojlov#aha.ru daria#nezrya.com
  • Tatjana Ulyanova
  • Anait Agasyan (Kumaschyan)
  • Ira Yarovaja;
  • Alexei Sementkovsky; E-mail: sement#online.ru
  • Zhenja Suhanov. E-mail: _eugene#onet.ru, nusut17#land.ru
  • Denis Lashukov. E-mail: denga#mne.ru
  • Dima Chernyakov. E-mail: dmche#metcombank-moscow.ru
  • Dima Fedorov; E-mail: dlfedorov#mail.ru
  • Yuri Toropin. PhD March 1999. E-mail: ytoropin#cqg.com
  • Dima Zhukov
  • Andrew Lepehin. E-mail: a.lepehin#zenit.ru, lepaa#beep.ru
  • Natasha Gaitan. E-mail: gaitann#mail.ru
    "PhD staff"
  • Sergei Popov (Feb 1998)
  • Andrey Timokhin (Dec 1998)
  • Yuri Toropin (March 1999)
  • Andrey Kravtsov (Oct 1999)
  • Alexandra Kochetkova (Dec 1999)
  • Jana Tikhomirova (March 2000)
  • Olga Toropina (Oct 2003)
  • Lena Sorokina (Oct 2004) ... (more coming) ...
    Look! Look! Look! Look! Look! Look!

    Photos from the 10-years party!!!

    Photos by A. Gorshkov
    Photos by myself
    Old photos
    Old photos sent by Anait

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