V International Conference
Dedicated to 80-th Anniversary of Andrei D. Sakharov
(21-30 May 2001, Moscow-St.Peterburg, Russia)

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Dear Colleagues,

21 May of 2001 we commemorate the 80th Anniversary of Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov. The foundation of CosmoParticle Physics, with which the progress in our fundamental knowledge is related, stands among the most important results of his scientific activity. Many significant principles of this science were formulated first in the works of Zeldovich and Sakharov. Under Sakharov's charge the ideas of the Programme of Cosmoparticle research, initiated with active support of Zeldovich, were put forward. The last scientific work of A.Sakharov "On CosmoParticle Physics", (Vestnik Acad. Nauk SSSR, 1989, N-4, 39) may be viewed as his Scientific Testament in this field. The development of cosmoparticle physics was widely discussed at the now being traditional International Conferences on CosmoParticle Physics "Cosmion-94", "Cosmion-96", "Cosmion-97" and "Cosmion-99" held in Moscow. The 5th International Conference on CosmoParticle Physics (Cosmion-2001) dedicated to 80th Anniversary of Andrei D. Sakharov is to be held in Moscow and St.Peterburg during May 21-30, 2001. This meeting will discuss the present stage of studies in CosmoParticle Physics in a number of Scientific Meetings and Workshops covering various aspects of this actively developing scientific area.

The main topics of the 5th International Conference on CosmoParticle Physics (Cosmion-2001) include fundamental relationship between macro- and micro-worlds, quantum gravity and quantum cosmology, relativistic astrophysics, physics of inflation and the early Universe, baryogenesis, cosmological nucleosynthesis, new particles and symmetries in the Universe, the physics of dark matter and of a cosmological term, large scale structure of the Universe and the cosmic background radiation (its spectrum, anisotropy, Sakharov oscillations etc.), cosmoarcheology and cosmochronology, high energy physics in astrophysics, exotic and compact objects, etc. It is the tradition of the Cosmion conferences to consider these topics in their fundamental unity, following the basic strategy of CosmoParticle physics to elaborate the system of complex cross-disciplinary links between foundations of micro- and macro-worlds. We hope that participants and invited speakers will present new ideas and results of National studies and International cooperation in the field of CosmoParticle Physics, making the first steps on the the way to fundamental physics of XXIth Century and III Millenium.

The official language of the Conference will be English. The programme includes St-Peterburg Sessions (28-30 May). The Conference Proceedings will be published as the Supplement to "Gravitation and Cosmology". Some limited financial support will be available.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee.
Yours sincerely
                     Prof. Maxim Yu. Khlopov

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