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Effect of the Magnetic Field


Apparently, the magnetic field of a star becomes significant only when the stopping radius exceeds the radius of the star, tex2html_wrap_inline9543 . We take the Alfven radius tex2html_wrap_inline9477 for tex2html_wrap_inline9547 , since it is the smallest of the two quantities tex2html_wrap_inline9477 and tex2html_wrap_inline9473 . Hence, we can estimate the lowest value of magnetic field of a star which will influence the flow of matter


The case tex2html_wrap_inline9553 , tex2html_wrap_inline9555 is considered most frequently, and for this case we get the following numerical estimations


or, equivalently,


Most presently observed NS have magnetic fields tex2html_wrap_inline8945 tex2html_wrap_inline9559  G and dipole moments tex2html_wrap_inline8945 tex2html_wrap_inline9563  G cm tex2html_wrap_inline8875 , so the magnetic field must necessarily be taken into account when considering interaction of matter with these stars.

Mike E. Prokhorov
Sat Feb 22 18:38:13 MSK 1997