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The Scenario Machine:
Binary Star Population Synthesis

V.M. LIPUNOV tex2html_wrap_inline9028 , K.A. POSTNOV tex2html_wrap_inline9028 and
M.E. PROKHOROV tex2html_wrap_inline9032

tex2html_wrap_inline9034 Faculty of Physics, Moscow University,
Moscow, 117234 Russia
tex2html_wrap_inline9036 Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow University,
Moscow, 119899 Russia


In the early 1980s, it gradually became clear that the level of understanding of stellar evolution theory, on the one hand, and the variety of astrophysical properties of stars observed in numerous space experiments, on the other hand, approached a point where in order to interpret the discovery of each new exotic source one had to invent an individual evolutionary scenario. This situation urgently required development of a general approach that would include both the complete evolutionary scenario of the joint evolution of normal and compact stars and numerical simulations of this evolution (a Scenario Machine) (Lipunov, 1982a[98]). Here, a review is given describing the Scenario Machine and the main results obtained over recent years. The most recent results and a demonstration version of the Scenario Machine are available at our WWW site

Mike E. Prokhorov
Sat Feb 22 18:38:13 MSK 1997