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The Isaac Newton Institute (Instituto Isaac Newton) for astronomical research (INI) was founded in 1978 by Gonzalo Alcaino. The main office is located in the eastern outskirts of Santiago (Chile). Since 1992, it has expanded into several countries of the former Soviet Union in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. The Moscow branch was the first one established outside Chile.

As for the year 2002 the Institute is composed of 14 branches in 9 countries (see the figure). These are: Armenia (19 members), Bulgaria (28), Crimea (27), Kazakhstan (17), Kiev (11), Moscow (15), Odessa (34), Poland (13), Pushchino (18), St.Petersburg (24), Special Astrophysical Observatory (41), Tajikistan (8), Uzbekistan (19), and Yugoslavia (21). The total number of scientists in Eastern Europe and Eurasia involved in the Project is 295.

Besides the above named branches, the Chilean staff of the Isaac Newton Institute is involved in collaboration with astronomers of the Observatory of Rome in several research projects using data secured from telescopes in Chile. The staff of the Isaac Newton Institute in Chile is composed of Gonzalo Alcaino, the Director and President of the Corporation, William Liller, Senior Research Astronomer, Franklin Alvarado, Research Associate, and Marcela Rodriguez is the acting secretary.

Contact address in Moscow:
Sternberg Astronomical Institute
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Dr. N.N. Samus
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