My activity

"...perfection comes from variety even in heaven"

Emmanuel Swedenborg

("Heaven and Hell")

"I said that we were all astronomically minded; but we are not without "human" interests".

Olaf Stapledon

I recieved PhD in 1998 and now I'm a reseacher at the division of Relativistic Astrophysics at Sternberg Astronomical Institute of the Moscow State University. Here you can find some topics, that are interesting for me.

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item 1. Isolated neutron stars and black holes.

  • Their evolution, distribuion, accretion onto INSs and BHs
  • item 2. Population synthesis of X-ray sources

  • Evolution of close binaries
  • item 3. Periods and period evolution of neutron stars.

  • What can we determine from it?
  • item 4. Evolution of X-ray sources after the burst of star formation

  • Stellar evolution and star formation bursts
  • item 5. High-school education. Scientific-popular articles.

  • Astronomy and physics at high-school.
  • I started to teach astronomy in 1993 and physics in 1994. I still continue to do it at the school 548, where I studied myself in 1987-89.
  • Several of my pupils are now studying in the Moscow State University, some of them chose astronomy.

    item 6. X-ray pulsars.

  • My variant of the X-ray pulsars catalog is available
  • (please, if you use this collection of data in your work, send me your comment on it)
  • item 7. Gamma-ray bursts. Colloquium1 , Colloquium2 , Black Holes-2000 Colloquium and Colloquium Space Explosions The pages of colloquiums were designed by me.

    My former scientific adviser: prof. V.M. Lipunov

    The department I work at: Relativistic Astrophysics Department of SAI

    My 4th year work (B.S.): Accretion onto isolated neutron stars and accretion in X-ray pulsars. Moscow State University, 1993 May. Excellent mark. Main results later were published in Astr.Tsirk. and Astr.Astroph.Transactions.

    My diploma (M.S.): Binary evolution after the starformation burst at the Galactic Center, Moscow State University, 1995 January. Excellent mark. Main results later were published in ApJ.

    My PhD (Ferbuary, 1998) was devoted to isolated and binary neutron stars and evolution of close binaries after starformation bursts.

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