The second International School-Seminar 'Problems of Theoretical Cosmology UISS-2000'

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Ulyanovsk State University
Sternberg Astronomical Institute
Russian Gravitational Society

Dear Colleague,

Please, use the template below for Your contribution to the UISS-2000 Proceedings in Gravitation & Cosmology.

You can download template file as gzip-archive (uiss.gz) or zip-archive (

Please, send them back to Scientific Secretary of UISS-2000(, OR, IN A CASE WHEN YOUR FILE IS GREATER THAN 100 KBytes, USE before December 25, 2000. Please, note, that the maximal volume of the session contribution is 4-5 journal pages. Please, collect all the files (text and figures) by tar and compress by gzip. Thank You in advance.

Thank You for the participation in the work of UISS-2000 and for Your cooperation.

Sincerely Yours,
Stanislav Alexeyev,
Scientific Secretary of UISS-2000.

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