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Change of Binary Parameters: Mass, Semi-major Axis and

As mentioned earlier, the duration of the binary evolutionary stage (say, I+I) is determined by the faster evolving component tex2html_wrap_inline9287 , where tex2html_wrap_inline9289 is the time each component spends at the corresponding evolutionary stage. On the other hand, based on the evolutionary considerations, we are able to calculate how the mass of the faster evolving star should change (if at all) (e.g. due to stellar wind or RL overflow), that is we know the quantity tex2html_wrap_inline9291 the leading (faster evolving) star loses. Thus, a characteristic mass loss  rate at this stage is


Next, we should calculate the mass change for the slower evolving companion, the orbital semi-major axis and the eccentricity.

Mike E. Prokhorov
Sat Feb 22 18:38:13 MSK 1997