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A Gravimagnetic Rotator


In this review, we shall call any gravitationally-bounded object having an angular momentum and intrinsic magnetic field  by the term ``gravimagnetic rotator''  or simply, rotator. In order to specify the intrinsic properties of the rotator, three parameters are sufficient - the mass M, the total angular momentum tex2html_wrap_inline9370 (I is the moment of inertia and tex2html_wrap_inline9374 is the angular velocity), and the magnetic dipole moment tex2html_wrap_inline9376 (see Figure 3). Given the rotator radius tex2html_wrap_inline9378 , one can express the magnetic field  strength at the poles tex2html_wrap_inline9380 by using the dipole moment tex2html_wrap_inline9382 . The angle tex2html_wrap_inline9384 between the angular moment tex2html_wrap_inline9386 and the magnetic dipole moment tex2html_wrap_inline9388 can also be of importance: tex2html_wrap_inline9390 .

Figure 3: Schematic representation of a gravimagnetic rotator. 

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