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Evolution of Magnetic Rotators


The evolution of a magnetic rotator, which determines its observational manifestation, involves the slow changing of the regimes of its interaction with the surrounding medium. Such an approach to the evolution was developed in the 1970s by Schwartzman (1970a)[173], Bisnovatyi-Kogan and Komberg (1974, 1975)[15, 16], Illarionov and Sunyaev (1975)[76], Shakura (1975)[178], Wickramasinghe and Whelan (1975)[212], Lipunov and Shakura (1976)[109], Savonije and van den Heuvel (1977)[171] and others. Three stages were mostly considered in these papers: ejector, propeller  and accretor.  All these stages can be described by a unified evolutionary equation.

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